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4th generation family business
Our family has been in business of providing services for four generations. We want to engage our customers and offer them the richest experience possible. We want you and your family to develop good water-drinking habits by helping to make pure mountain water accessible, convenient and fun. Dedication to fulfilling our customers' health and lifestyle needs is paramount to all of us here at Pure Mountain Spring Water Company.

Pure Mountain Water is your on-line source for high quality bottled water that you can order for delivery direct to your home or office.

Know our clients
Over the years we have developed strong ties with all of our customers. We pride ourselves on the personal attention that Pure Mountain Water, as a local, family-run business can offer and has developed with all of its customers.

Same driver
Pure Mountain Water gets to know you and your unique requirements as a customer. Your bottled water will be regularly delivered by a driver familiar with your home or office and your special needs.

Spring Mountain water from a state licensed water plant in Cobb Mountain Pure Mountain Water is exactly what it says it is, pure, natural spring water with an excellent track record for quality. The source, a licensed water plant in Lake County, is safe and pristine. Cobb Mountain is the largest, natural freshwater lake in California with 68 square miles of surface area. Lakes have existed at the site of Cobb Mountain for at least 2,500,000 years, possibly making it the oldest lake in North America. The source is protected both by the unique volcanic geology of Cobb Mountain as well as by the state of the art quality processes employed by the company. Every bottle Pure Mountain Water clearly identifies the location of its source, even though there is no legal requirement to do so.

We also provide Fluoridated Water as well as Spring and Distilled Water.

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